Actress Anoushay Abbasi criticized for posting her bold pictures

Anoushay Abbasi has pretty good fan following on her social media handles and people like her a lot.She had a stronghold over the Pakistani showbiz industry at the start but Anoushay is not seen much in drama serials now a days.

It should be noted that Anoushay Abbasi started her acting career as a child artist and she used to work for PTV but later on she became a model also and made a big name for herself.Gorgeous Anoushay Abbasi tied the knot with Ainan Arif who is the son of known cricket player Tasleem Arif.They both exchanged rings on 27th of September in the year 2014.

If we talk about the age of astonishing actress Anoushay Abbasi then she will turn 29 next month as she was born on 24th november 1998.

Anoushay is often criticized by the Netizens because she often posts her alluring and bold pictures on her Instagram handle.But Anoushay never takes a glance on any of these comments and keeps doing what she want to do

Anoushay Abbasi who was used to be so day and unattractive has now shed all of those extra pounds and now making her struggle worth it by revealing her pictures.She is currently on a trip to Dubai with her niece Anzela Abbasi.

Recently,the duo came up with their pictures in swimming pool which led them to hot tub of criticism.The Netizens cannot hold their outrageous reactions on their pictures.Lets have a look at some of their pictures for which they were criticized a lot.

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