Amir Liaquat breaks silence on why he marries young girls

Amir Liaquat always chooses to stay in trending page either it is intentionally or without his knowledge.Amir liaquat always remains in media light,in memes or any other way.

People are always talking about him in the media and as we mentioned in our previous article that Amir Liaquat got married to 18 year old girl Dania Shah.

Amir liaquat was criticised a lot and trolled alot for the ambiguous thing he did lately.

But the question arises that why Amir Liaquat do that?why he marries with young girl and again and again?Rather than trolling him,lets get to the point where Amir Liaquat answers these unanswered questions.

Amir Liaquat appeared live with Nasrullah Malik where he answered the same questions.

When the anchor asked him the questions that why you marry with women with a huge age difference?He replied by saying that I can make her learn that how to speak with others gently and if the age difference is not too high than she will not be able to learn life values.

People were not impressed by his comments on teaching his wife values of life and as always they passed their comments on this matter according to their Point of view for the situation.

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