Celebrities became angry over the videos of Amir Liaquat with new wife Dania

Amir Liaquat got married to an 18 year old girl Dania Shah recntly.They bot got criticised very much on this thing as Amir Liaquat things he took the right decision to do this.

Things started getting worse when Amir Liaquat and wife Dania started posting their pvideos on social media handles.Many viewers have been enjoying their videos but some were very angry at them for posting their inappropriate videos together.

They have been bashing Amir Liaquat and wife for this weird thing and asking them to sort this matter out.One video was posted by the couple on their bed.

Celebrities like Ahmed Ali Butt and Bilal Qureshi bashed Amir Liaquat indirectly as they did not like their videos.

You can see the views of celebrities below which they shared through their instagram handles.

The public is also very angry at both of them and some are enjoying it by making it a meme material.People want their videos to stop coming out.

Not only celebrities but people are also passing out their views on the videos and their reactions were just hilarious,You can check the comments by people below in the pics.

Ofcourse people will get very angry,No one would want to share these types of videos on such a big platform,Millions of people watch it in which small kids are also included.

We did not expect such things from Amir Liaquat and we are very disappointed from him for this shameful thing.

What are your views on this topic,We are waiting to hear from you in the comment section below.

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