Famous actor Imran Aslam and wifey Sana Imran blessed with a baby girl

Imran Aslam is a Pakistani actor and producer.He has worked in various Television dramas and won numerous awards.He has two HUM TV awards.He was also nominated for lux best style award for his excellence performance in Sanjha.

Imran Aslam is 52 years old born in 1970 and he is married to Sana Imran Aslam.Parenthood is an extremely beautiful blessing granted by Allah.Becoming a parent is the ultimate blessing of the world.Recently Imran Aslam and wifey Sana Imran are blessed with a baby girl and they both announced it on their instagram handle.Imran captioned the post ‘Alhamdullilah,we are blessed with a baby girl.Both my wifey and baby are safe and keep us in your prayers.
Famous Pakistani actress and producer shagufta ejaz also gave Mubarak to him by writing the comment.

Wifey Sana Imran also posted the good news by writing an amazing caption that was ‘She leaves a little sparkle wherever she goes.Alhumdillah blessed with a baby girl.’
The joy people get after becoming parents is unrivalled.

Imran Aslam is also working in several drama serials till now.He is currently showing his appearance in Jiya na Jaye airing on HUM TV with his co actors Maira Khan and Fatima Essendi.His another drama is currently being aired on ARY Digital named Kalla Jaddu.Not only he works,he also produces some scripts of drama serials.Imran Aslam is a type of person who’s never shy to show his love and affection for his wife on social media.He often posts lovely message by tagging his wife into the particular post.

What are your guesses with whom baby’s ressemblance.Please tell us in the comment section below.We wish blessings to Imran and Sana for welcoming their second angel to home.Don’t forget to follow us.

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