Monday, December 11, 2023

Feroze Khan and Alyzeh faced judicial separation after 4 years of marriage

The news is coming that Feroze Khan and Syeda Alizeh have separated their ways 3.5 years of marriage.Feroze Khan was reportedly seen at the City court Karachi to file the petition for visitation right to see his child who is being kept away from Feroze Khan after separation.

Sources reported that Feroze Khan was spotted at city court today to file custody or visitation rights for his children as the kids are with their mother right now.

The divorce rate in Asia is constantly increasing because of lack of mutual understanding and the divorce cases are regularly being increased.Earlier,It was Sajal Aly and Ahad Raza Mir who parted their ways and now it seems like Feroze Khan and Syeda Alizeh are also facing judicial separation.

Recently,Feroze Khan and Syeda Alizeh also unfollowed each other from their Instagram handles.They both exchanged rings in 2018 bur unfortunately they are in a tough phase right now.

Feroze Khan is considered as one of the best actor from Pakistan and has currently set many records.He is often given the demon roles because Feroze has a speciality in adapting those kinds of roles which are evil based.He has also won the Lux Style award for best male actor in terms of viewers choice.

Alyzeh and Feroze were blessed with a baby daughter few months back in 2022.In 2021,there were rumours that Alyzeh and Feroze were separated for some time but later on they both were seen together and after that Feroze and Alyzeh became parents giving birth to a beautiful baby Fatima Khan.

Their separation will only affect the baby child and none the less.

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