Fiza Ali exposes the dark reality from her muree visit-See full story

There were a lot of tragic incidents that happened in muree or other northern areas this year.The people there went through a lot pain and agony because the snowfall and landslides barely affected their businesses and their homes.Not only the people that live there but also the people who went there for travelling and enjoyment had to suffer a lot.There was a family who died in a car just because their doors were freezed and they turned on the heater for pretty long time inside a concealed environment.

Keeping the situation in thought,the hotel management and food stalls increased the prices into 3 times so that they could earn more in this disgusting phase of landslides.The hotel stay price touched new heights and they would charge 5000 for just having a simple meal.As a united nation,we should take stand against these robbers and people are concerned that government should take a proper action against these type of people.

Fiza Ali,a famous Pakistani television actress and host went muree and northern areas for shooting for her drama.She has shared her story of misery in this dark reality of society.Fiza Ali stated that ‘We went to the northern areas specially muree for our shoot and the hotel staff there charged us 2000 rupees for just 2 cups of tea,I gave them 20000 advance for just one night to stay there but there service was so pathetic that I had to leave that hotel and they were not ready to give me refund.She further asked people to bring out the names of hotel and restaurant that would charge them in 5 digits for just one night of stay’.

It is very distressing to see Pakistani people do like that to their fellows for only their profit.It is our responsibility to not stay in their hotel and stay away from travelling northern areas in snowy and rainy weather.

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