Hareem Shah and husband arrested in Turkey

Hareem Shah is a famous Pakistani Tiktok model and fame who is moslty recognised from her controversies around her.She has remained in limelight of people for several reasons.Her inappropriate acts has led her to such limelight.

Hareem Shah is 30 years old and she confirmed her marriage to Pakistan Peoples Party leader on 28 of june 2021 with Bilal Shah.

A couple of days ago Hareem Shah along with her fiancé went on a trip to turkey for vacations.She posted pictures on her instagram handle and confirmed this news with her fans.You can see the pics below.

The news is being circulated that Hareem Shah and her husband are arrested at the Turkey Airport for carrying large amount of money and gold.According to the sources the couple was leaving from muscat to Turkey where Turkish Police put their hand.

The news is not confirmed yet but Hareem Shah and her husband are still being investigated by the police in Turkey.

Hareem Shah’s bank accounts were also handed over to FIA because according to the police she was involved in a money laundering case.

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