Hira Mani apologizes to whole nation for her statement

Many of you may know this incident about Dua Zehra and this case has been reached to its end finally and the innocent girl is now in safe hands.
Dua Zehra went missing from her area in Karachi and reached Lahore for her love.It was the story proposed by her a few weeks back and the boy’s family accepted it too.They both met through a battleground survival game PUBG mobile

The boy Zaheer was not a loving man but was a part of a gang according to Iqrar ul Hassan.He trapped the innocent girl Dua Zehra.It was not the mistake of Dua Zehra but it is actually the age that encourages us to be loved by an opposite gender.

These days have not been easy for Dua Zehra as well as he family because there has been a lot of controversial talks in the recent time.It became very difficult for people to justify who is true in this case.

Dua Zehra’s father was a iron man in this case as he stood alone without anyone’s support and went to court for justice.He is a iron man in real life too.

The efforts of Dua Zehra’s father and her family has finally been showed and the controversy had come to an end.Now everything is clear and people are praising Dua Zehra and they are supporting her.

Recently Hira Mani posted an story on her instagram handle regarding this case and she was in the favour of Zaheer which was reportedly Dua’s husband.
You can see her story below.


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