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Hira Mani Beautiful Photos With Brother-in-law At Picnic

The bold and amazing Hira Salman who’s in no way shy to speak her mind took social media to share her pictures with her brother-in-law from a family picnic.

Hira shares a strong bond with her in-laws. She recently wished birthday to one of her brother-in-law Omer Saqib. The whole family enjoyed a lot at Sonmiani beach.

Families are important. They support you, guide you, protect you from the worst situations, and most of all, they are there for you. You feel comfortable around them.

Hira Mani proved that she loves her in-laws as much as her own family. Here are some beautiful pictures of Hira Mani with her brother-in-law. Have a look!

Leading actor couple of Pakistan showbiz industry Salman Saqib Sheikh alias Mani and actress Hira Mani have been married for 14 years.

Hira Mani has shared a video on the photo and video sharing app while traveling in a car with her husband, actor Mani.

In this video, Hira and Mani can be seen talking in an interesting way about the 14 years they spent together after marriage.

At the beginning of the video, Hira and Mani congratulate each other on completing 14 years of marriage.

After congratulating Mani on her wedding anniversary, Mani says that she did not like living with Hira.

To which Hira Mani replies that “they also had a lot of fun and finally we spent 14 years together”.

Then Mani interrupted Hira and said, “14 years have passed without any tension but we are very tired and we have had a lot of fights, but the duration of our fight is not more than two hours.”

At the end of the video, Hira Mani says, “Let’s finally know each other for 16 years and now happy wedding anniversary.”

It may be recalled that actor Salman Saqib Sheikh alias Mani was married to his co-star on April 17, 2008.



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