Hum Tum drama serial main cast and roles

Hum Tum was recently launched in Ramadan and it touched amazing heights because of the cast and the story of the drama serial.The drama is basically based on comedy and love,If you have not watched it then surely you are missing something.

The main dramatis personae in the serial were Adam and Neha.
Lets see their real names
Ahad Raza Mir entertained people as Adam in the drama and Ramsha Khan played as Neha in the serial.They both were childhood enemies but later on fall in love with each other.

Sarah Falak played as Maha in the serial as a girl who is always diet conscious.The directors showed a pretty good lesson to all the audience that a divorcee woman deserves all the rights just like other women.She is no less than anyone.

Junaid Khan played as Sarmad in the serial as a boy who works in his own restaurant.He was the brother of Adam in the drama serial.

Aina Asif entertained people as Mili in Hum Tum Drama serial and she acted brilliantly despite being a child.Her role was of a girl who has fond of boys toys and games.She was given this role because her voice somehow matches with boys.

If you have watched the serial than you must know Sasha Qutub udin played by Anooshe Raina Khan.She was the sister of Neha aka Ramsha khan in the serial and was a connected ladder between the two houses.

Omer Shahzad played as Sarim who came between the love of Adam and Neha and his marriage become fixed with Neha but later on Adam and Neha become a couple.

These were the main roles in the drama serial Hum Tum.There were some other people also who contributed to make this drama a hit but the attention capturing people were these.

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