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Imran Hashmi expressed how John Abraham helped him when his son was suffering cancer

John Abraham and Imran Hashmi are one of the best actors from Bollywood film industry.But there is a story that only few people know about.It is the story about Imran Hashmi and John Abraham.

Imran Hashmi is one of the actors who has acted in only few films but got massive fan following.Imran Hashmi is well known but was the center of media attention at the time when His son Ian was diagnosed with cancer.

In the year 2014,Lan Hashmi was only 3 years old and unfortunately he got diagnosed with first stage cancer and Imran Hashmi had to take a break from Bollywood film industry.Imran became as if his world had come to a standstill. Seeing him in the hospital, his father was devastated.

But Imran Hashmi talked about the characters who supported his son and himself mentally and financially also.

At a function, Imran Hashmi also talked about the actor John Ibrahim that he is very punctual, he was present at the time of shooting, this is the characteristic of an actor.

Imran Hashmi also further added that when his son was in ICU,there were only two actors present with him.One of them was John Abraham who used to tell me about my son’s condition when I was outside due to some work.John also asked me If I needed any help;the actor added.

Imran Hashmi also became emotional while telling this story and he did not expect John that he would call him and ask about everything related to his son’s condition.

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