Iqrar Ul Hassan admitted to hospital in critical condition

The most brave and courageous journalist of Pakistan Iqrar Ul Hassan was recently attacked and he is admitted to Liaquat National Hospital Karachi right now.He is in critical condition and has come by several injuries and several stitches.

Being a soldier like journalist,he has done plenty of risking interviews and shows,he got succeed in almost every case he was included.He showcased the dishonesty and crime of several departments and this time the situation did not go in the favour of team Sar-e-Aam.

They tried to expose the IB officers by showcasing their bribery and wrongdoings live on the Television but opposite happens to them right at the moment.

Lately,his pictures and videos from hospital were going on the social media in which he is seen as severely injured and lying on the bed.Everybody got so worried by seeing him in this condition.

It was said by Iqrar ul Hassan that he had been receiving life threatening calls and messages for a long time now.

After that his close friend Wasim Badami shared a video with him from hospital and informed everyone about his condition and incident.

Iqrar ul Hassan is saying himself that he is in unpleasant condition and tons of tests have been done but Iqrar Ul Hassan is leaving the hospital and going to his home now as he feels safe there.

He further added that doctors are not comfortable sending him to his home again and asking him to stay at hospital considering his health

You would be shocked to hear that those people also gave him electric shocks which disturbed his heart and other body parts and thats why his ECG is not normal at all.

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