Iqrar Ul Hassan’s son Pehlaaj pen down a letter for her father health

A few days ago,The IB officials of intelligence tried to attack and cease Iqrar Ul Hassan and team who were exposing the wrongdoings of IB officer with video as an evidence to use against them.

Ib officers tried to attack Iqrar ul Hassan by giving him heart currents and beating him very brutally.They were subjected to torture.Iqrar ul Hassan was immediately admitted to Jinnah Hospital where he received stitches and first aid and make him recover from his poor health.

Iqrar ul Hassan said in a video that he has received 8 stitches and his ECG is not normal at all because he was exposed to currents which made his health very poor.

Recently,Iqrar Ul Hassan son Pehlaj took his official instagram account to pen down an emotional note for his father as he tries to recover from this nighmare.

His son Pehlaaj wrote that “My father is the pride of Pakistan,He is on the road on recovery and will be back soon on the track”

You can see his post below.

Wasim Badami also shared a video with Iqrar Ul Hassan in the hospital in which Iqrar Ul Hassan was confessing that i am going home now but doctors are not in the favour of me as my condition is very poor,he further said that I will feel more comfortable at home rather than hospital.

Iqrar Ul Hassan is a very brave and courageous journalist of Pakistan and he is always ready to fight for truth and honesty.He has done many risky interviews and has also exposed the dishonesty of certain departments.

Such brave people like Iqrar Ul Hassan is a common need for every country who can fight without and fear of rascals in the society.

Please pray for Iqrar Ul Hassan as he is suffering from a tough phase.Thanks

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