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Javed Shaikh most beautiful pictures with his family

Javed Shaikh is considered as one if the veteran actor from Pakistani showbiz industry.Beside acting in various drama serials,Javed Shaikh is also an director and producer who is associated with Lollywood.The first ever movie in which he worked was Dhamaka which was released in 1974.After that,he has worked in more than 100 urdu films.

The first film which was directed by Javed Shaikh came on screen on 1995 which was titled as Mushkil.After that he directed a Lollywood based movie in 2002 which was titled as Yeh Dil Aap Ka Hua in which he also showed his appearance as a supporting role.Javed Shaikh is one of the finest actors from Pakistani showbiz industry.He is still seen in many drama serials.We may lack compliments to submit to Javed Shaikh.

For those who don’t know,Javed Shaikh has married twice in his life and both of them did not last for life.His first marriage was with Zinat Mangi who had a stronghold over the film industry at that time.He was blessed with a daughter named Momal Sheikh and a son named Shahzaad Sheikh from his first wife.

His second marriage took place with british actress Salma Agha but it did not last long and after his divorce with Salma Agha,he is single but there were many rumours of his affairs linked with Lollywood actresses tho there is no official confirmation about that.
On the other hand, Javed Sheikh is also amounted to something among the the successful actors who have gone to India and struggled in Bollywood films.He has also played opposite to Shahrukh Khan in a bollywood based movie.

If we talk about the age of veteran actor Javed Shaikh then he will turn 68 this year on 8th October as he was born in the year 1954.

Tho Javed Shaikh is divorced,his family pictures with his wife and children still circulate on internet so lets take a look at some beautiful family pictures of Javed Shaikh with his family.

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