Monday, December 11, 2023

Legendary actress Rubina Ashraf shared some stunning pics with daughter

Rubina Ashraf is active in the Pakistani showbiz industry from past several years and she is continuing to do so.Rubina Ashraf is a veteran Pakistani actress who has showed her appearance in many classical drama serials of Pakistan.She is often offered to portray negative roles in the drama serials.

Rubina Ashraf tied the knot with Tariq Mirza and has two children including one son and a daughter named Minna Tariq who is also a actress.She is the emerging face of Pakistani showbiz industry and currently Minna Tariq is working hard to establish a name for herself like her mother.

Rubina Ashraf was born on 9th november in the year 1960 and she is currently 61 years old but Rubina Ashraf still manages to look like she is living in her 40s.It is only possible because of her strict diet plan.

Recently,Rubina Ashraf posted some marvellous pictures with her beautiful daughter Minna Tariq.The mother daughter duo is looking exquisite in the pictures by wearing gold color dress with some astonishing makeup which enhanced their look to the top.People were giving compliments to the duo for their beautiful photographs.

Minna Tariq is famous for her role as Warda infamous drama serial Ruswai. Minna Tariq has done a wonderful job in drama serial Ruswai.She has completed her bachelor’s in arts of Film,TV and music from London.Minna Tariq comes from a good background family and her mother is one of the legendary actress of Pakistan.

Rubina Ashraf is mostly known for her role in drama Khuda aur Muhabbat 3 and Do Bol.Rubina debuted her career back in year 1980 and she is still showing her appearance in Pakistani drama industry.



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