Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Mahira Khan old school pictures went viral-See pics

Mahira Khan is considered as one of the beautiful actress from the Showbiz Industry of Pakistan.Not only Pakistani but people from Bollywood love her as well and she has also worked in some bollywood movies.Famous Pakistani fashion designer Feeha Jamshed and Mahira Khan are very close friends from childhood.They both used to go to school together.It was Feeha’s birthday yesterday and Mahira wished her a happy birthday by recalling old school memories.You can see the pics below.


In the pics it can be seen that Mahira Khan is looking very young and she is looking exactly like how she is today.

No one can ever forget their school memories either they are big stars or common person.The phrase ‘School life is the best life’ is actually true.The memories we create in school life are unmatchable.We may not be in contact with each other now but deep down we know how much we miss them.

Do you still remember your school memories and friends?If yes,then please recall yout memories by telling us in the comment section below.





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