Marriage Ceremony Of Pakistan Superstar Babar Azam Will Be Held In Next Year

The captain of the cricket team, Babar Azam, has agreed to the marriage, the captain is also engaged, while the wedding will take place next year, the pictures of Babar Azam with his fiancee have also come out.

According to sources, national cricketer Babar Azam will marry his uncle’s daughter and both families have decided that the wedding will take place next year. Babar Azam has also got engaged. Former captain Azhar Ali tweeted and advised Babar Azam to marry him, Azhar Ali tweeted tagging Babar Azam. Babar Azam has also expressed his consent.

Babar Azam’s relationship with his cousin has been fixed and both families have agreed to marry next year. According to senior journalist Majid Bhatti, Babar Azam’s relationship is fixed with his uncle’s daughter and they are also engaged.

Majid Bhatti said that the national team is also aware of Babar Azam’s engagement to his uncle’s daughter. It should be noted that earlier the former captain of the national cricket team Azhar Ali has also suggested marriage to Babar Azam.

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