Maryam Nawaz looking scintillating at Sania Ashiq wedding

The moment everyone was waiting for has finally took place.Sania Ashiq has tied the knot.The wedding took place in Lahore and they were aware of coronavirus so SOP’s are also taken care of.Each guests were asked to attend the wedding only until 9 in the night because of the rules.

For those who dont know who is Sania Ashiq here we are telling you that she is the member of Punjab Provincial Assembly since the year 2018 and she belongs to pakistan muslim league,Sania Also took a seat in provincial assembly at only the age of 25.

Sania Ashiq told this special news on her instagram handle,She has tied the knot with Abu Bakar and she also thanked Miss Maryam Nawaz Sharif for showing presence at her wedding ceremony.

Just look at the bride Sania how much elegance she has and how she is just looking absolutely perfect in her red lehenga and she is absolutely looking like a barbie doll and there comes Maryam Nawaz,She is looking absolutely gorgeous and scintillating in her red dress.

Here we tell you another thing that Sania Ashiq has also the degree of Pharmacy(Doctor of Pharmacy) from university of punjab.

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