Wednesday, December 13, 2023

Mathira unveils dark reality of young generation -See Video

Mathira has gained a lot of fame and recognition from past few year,this is because she is always connected to a controversy or a hot topic around.Mathira believes in justice and she mostly aware people about what is happening around and take stand for them.However she has grown a lot from where she begun.She is known for her open statements without thinking about the consequences.

Mathira is a type of person who has struggled a lot through her life to get here.The backfires,trolling,abusive comments and hate has made Mathira who she is today.Mathira was recently seen at Mohroo’s podcast telling about her grapples from childhood.She told people about how the society is becoming indecent and obnoxious.Mathira exposed the dark reality of society.

Mathira opened up about young people consuming drugs and alcohol as their meal and think that it is fun to do.Mathira said that ‘I am not one to judge you but you should be concerned about your studies,these things will end up destroying your and your loved one’s life’. Mathira further added that she has been into these things once before and she was in a very hard time after that.Mathira added that I came out of these things but you should not ingulf yourself in these parties or vulgar things.This is your time to build the bottom of your life and then build an empire.

Mathira is very beautiful from heart and people uselessly hate her and give hateful comments on her.We request you to not be interested in these things at very young age.What are your views on this?Tell us in the comment section below and don’t forget to follow us for more news from all over the Pakistan.



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