Mawra Hocane finally responds to the rumours about Ameer Gilani

Mawra Hocane and Ameer Gilani are trending on social media for their captivating performance in the drama serial Sabat.The couple has become a ideal one for many of the people.

They both are mostly spotted together and their arriving scene at Lux Style Awards has made their fans more crazy for them.

Just because they are spotted together,People assumed that they both are in a relationship and endowed with eachother,but it seems like that the Pakistani stars don’t want to disclose it and keeping the secret as it is and giving it the name of Friendzone.

Mawra Hocane and Ameer Gilani make a imaginary perfect couple.Both are endowed with beauty and talent.They both make a perfect combination for each other.

Their fans are requesting Mawra And Ameer to get married as soon as possible but the celebrities have not come forward to put their stance on this matter.

Lets come to the matter in which Mawra Hocane replied on this matter.

Recently Mawra Hocane gave an interview in the big pick with Hassan left the fans bewildered.She gave her statement on the frequently asked question from her fanbase and they can now estimate that what is going between them.

Replying to the fans comments,Mawra was looking very confused in her expressions.She added that she consider Amir Gilani as one of the finest actor from Pakistani and they both are very close friends.

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