Nida Yasir got emotional while remembering her Late Mother

Who does not Nida Pasha,better known as Nida Yasir when it comes hosting morning shows in Pakistan Showbiz.She is an amazing Showbiz Actress from Pakistani industry and is mostly known for hosting morning shows.Nida Yasir lost her mother Fehmida Nasreen in early 2021,She shared this heartbreaking news through her social media handle.

Nida Yasir has 3 siblings,Two sisters and one brother and She is the eldest among the all.Recently,Nida Yasir’s brother Talha Pasha tied the knot earlier this week.As a sister,Nida Yasir invited the newlywed couple on her morning show and introduced them to the audience and her fans.Nida Yasir also invited her father and sisters on the set as they were also seen in the show.While talking about the family festives of the Pasha family,Nida Yasir got emotional while remembering her late mother during ongoing occasions of their lives.

Mother is like a shadow for her childrens,Nida Yasir also mentioned that how difficult it was for them to attend such an important and happy occasion of their life without their mother,She further praised her mother for raising such a humble son Talha Pasha.Losing a mother feeling cannot be described in words.


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