Monday, December 11, 2023

Old newscasters of Pakistani television and where are they now

Pakistan Television has advanced to a next level now but they cannot compete the old days where there was no fake news and the female news anchors wore proper and simple dressing without any artificial beauty.

Today we will look at some old news anchors and what they are doing now in their life.

Saba Faisal
Simplicity queen Saba Faisal can never be forgotten by the news followers anytime.Simplicity queen Saba Faisal used to cast news on PTV and she always grabbed attention by her talking style.
The famous news caster and anchor Saba Faisal is now seen entertaining people as a mother in law or grandmother in Pakistani drama serials.

Mahpara Safdar
The news caster who never let her duppatta slip from her head was among the most popular News anchor from her time,yes we are talking about Mahapara Safdar.
Mahpara Safdar is now seen creating news related videos on her youtube channel.She definitely understands the use of advanced technology.

Ishrat Fatima
Ishrat Fatima used to feature news for PTV and whenever she used to read the news,her low tone voice always captured the hearts of people.
Like everyone else,Ishrat Fatima is also seen working in same profession line till now.She was recently casting news in a radio channel.She is also active on social media now a days.



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