Sajal Ali AkA “Fatima Jinnah” Some Viral Snaps

So far, the lookalikes of many personalities have gone viral on social media, which received a lot of recognition.

These days, there are discussions on social media about actress Sajal Ali’s resemblance, whose photos are being shared by social media users with Sajal.

The name of the girl is currently not clear as the social media account sharing pictures of the girl resembling Sajal Ali is listed as ‘Queenndaroo’.

However, looking at the pictures and video of the girl, it can be said that her face and laughing style are similar to Sajal Ali.

Sajal Ali will play the role of Mother of the Nation Ms. Fatima Jinnah in the new series.

Pakistan’s talented and famous actress Sajal Ali will soon be seen playing the role of Mother of the Nation Ms. Fatima Jinnah in a new series.

According to private and social media reports, actress Sajal Ali is going to work in a series in which the partition of India and the life of historical figure Mother of the Nation Ms. Fatima Jinnah will be highlighted.

The said series will have three seasons, Sajal Ali will be seen in the second season, the first season will show Fatima Jinnah’s childhood, youth and the conditions of India before the establishment of Pakistan.

According to media reports, each season of this series will consist of 15 episodes, while the first episode of the series is likely to be released on August 14 this month.

The story of this series about Ms. Fatima Jinnah and Partition of India is written by Daniyal Afzal and he himself is also the director of this series.

The third and final season of the series will show the scenes leading up to the formation of Pakistan and the death of Fatima Jinnah.

Internet sensation Dananeer Mubeen will also be a part of the series.According to media reports, the series will initially be released on the OTT platform, while it is likely to be released on TV channels as well.

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