Top class showbiz actresses who once used to rule film industry but are lost now

There are many celebrities of Pakistan who once used to rule the film and drama industry.The Television was incomplete without them and they were the pillers of Pakistani showbiz industry.But now,they are completely off the screen and almost nobody knows them at the present time.
In today’s article,we will look at some of the showbiz stars who completely faded away from the screen.

Nasreen Rizvi
Nasreen Rizvi is often called by her name Kaveeta.She dominated the Lollywood film industry in the 90s and people used to love her alot.She has been active in the film and showbiz industry from 1970s and is mostly recognized for her films Tere Mere Sapne (1975), Society Girl, Mohabbat Aur Mehangai (1976), Kabhi Kabhi (1978), Mutthi Bhar Chawal (1978), Mian Biwi Razi (1982) and Qasam (1993).

It should be noted that the gorgeous actress is the younger sister of actress Sangeeta.Kaveeta’s parents were also the part of film industry.She has mostly worked in films produced and directed by her elder sister Sangeeta.

She was present in the film industry from 1970 to 1995 but unfortunately Kaveeta decided to quit the showbiz industry and now she is completely settled in United States.

Arifa Siddiqui
Arifa Siddiqui was born in the year 1969 ajd currently she is 53 years old.She exchanged rings with Ustad Nazzar Hussain in year 1995 but unfortunately her husband passed away in 2018.After two years,she married for the second time with Tabeer Ali.

Arifa Siddiqui was famous for his exceptional expressions and her smile.She had a reputation for delivering her on-screen dialogue with perfect pronunciation.

Arifa Siddiqui is mostly known for her films Ainak Wala Jin,Khwaja and Sons,Sona Chandi,Samundar and dehleez.She has mostly worked for PTV channel throughout her career years.

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