Monday, December 11, 2023

Hira Mani Spending Graceful Time With Dear Husband

Actress Hira Mani has complained during an interview that no artist invites her to their weddings, maybe that’s why I am not a friend of anyone.

A video of actress Hira Mani’s recent interview is going viral on social media, in which she is seen complaining to the host Meera Sethi that no actor invites her to their wedding.

First of all, Hira Mani took my Sethi’s name and said that you did not invite me to your wedding, neither did Sajal Ali, nor Sara Khan nor Iqra Aziz. I don’t know why no one invites me to the wedding, maybe I’m not their friend.

Responding to Hara Mani’s comment, Meera Sethi explained that I had sent invitations to all the guests in my wedding through WhatsApp. So I invited all the people whose numbers I had to the wedding. Meera Sethi apologizes to Hara Mani and says forgive me that I forgot to invite you to my wedding because I can’t even say that I will invite you next time.

Hira Mani replied to Meera Sethi saying that no one has invited me but I will invite everyone in my son Muzamil’s wedding.

It should be noted that Hira Mani’s Sons are Muzamil and Ibrahim. The elder son is 13 years old and the younger son is 8 years old.



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