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Memories of Shaheed Lt General Sarfaraz Ali from daughter’s wedding

Sarfaraz Ali from his daughter’s wedding
Shaheed Lt General Sarfaraz Ali was the commander of the Pakistan Army. He had an Illustrious Military career. He was part of operation Zarb-e-Azb. He was awarded many awards like Tamgha-e-Basalt and Tamgha-e-Azm. But in his operation in Balochistan, his helicopter crashed.

He was along with his five senior military officials. They were supervising the flood relief operations in Balochistan province. But unfortunately, this heartbroken accident occurred due to bad weather. He is buried with full honor and respect in Rawalpindi.

On an account of Defence day photographer, Faraz Mirza shared momentous and heartbroken pictures and videos of Lt General Sarfaraz Ali from his daughter’s wedding. The wedding ceremony of his daughter was organized 10 days before his shahadat. This video reminds the lovable and captivating moments between Martyr and his family. Looking at this father-daughter duo is soo heart-wrenching and beautiful too.

After his video was shared on social media, netizens are praying for the deceased soul. His memories have left everyone with sorrow and teary eyes. People go but memories are left, he also left precious moments in everyone’s heart. May Allah bless his Family with patience. Shaheed is not dead, they are alive, even though we cannot sense them. Quran clearly says: Don’t say to the people who are killed on the path of god, they are dead. NO! they are alive but you’re not aware.

May Allah bless his soul’s highest rank in Jannah! Let’s have a look at these precious moments. Thanks!



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