Monday, December 11, 2023

Iqra Aziz shares her pictures on Instagram

Pakistani actress Iqra Aziz has revealed that Ayesha Khan, the leading actress of the showbiz industry. Ayesha Khan, the most followed artist on social media, is a perfect woman who is running professional affairs, including her personal life.

During the interview, Iqra Aziz said that when I look at Ayesha, the way she takes care of her personal life with her career and is one of the most successful actresses on the screen. There is now a child but Ayesha Khan has two children and she is still leading the most followed actresses in our country. Kept, the way they succeed in their professional life is all very amazing

Talking about his career, Iqra Aziz said that the famous drama “Ranjha Ranjha Kardi” is closest to my heart and I have enjoyed the most with my acting in the same play.

Talking about the marriage during the show, she revealed that I wanted to get married from the beginning but I believed that I would never get married in the industry but after meeting Yasser, my thoughts changed, meeting my husband. I understood that this was the servant with whom life could live happily.

Iqra Aziz praised her husband and said that Yasir Hussain supports me a lot in everything, even as I help her in acting because she has worked in the theory, she is very present mind. I also benefit and they help me.



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