Sunday, December 10, 2023

Reema Khan shows beautiful pictures of her creative house

Reema Khan got a lot of fame and recognition after tying knot with Tariq Sahab.We cannot leave behind her natural acting from which she has got plenty of fans.
Reema Khan is a Lollywood television actress and producer.She had a stronghold over the showbiz industry of Pakistan in the past because Reema ruled the industry for almost 1 decade and It is being estimated that she has crossed over 200 films which is a large number for any person,that is only because Khan stepped into the fashion industry at a very young age and got prominence for her scintillating performance in every project.

Some of her known films are Zameen Aasman,Ye ghar aap ka hua,Yaad tou aegein,One two ka one and Love may gum also.
Reema Khan once said that her family members were very much against her for coming into the showbiz industry because at that time modelling and everything else related to it was considered a sin but later on they managed somehow and gave her permission.
Reema Khan is married to Taariq Sahin who is 64 years old and Reema herself married him at the age of 40 and became mother at 41.

After marrying Tariq Sahab,she became very fond of decorating her house to the fullest.When we see her house,it seems like It is a art house or something like that.Here we show you some amazing pictures of Reema Khan’s creative house.



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