Monday, December 11, 2023

Ahad Raza Mir criticized for performing provocative scene in Resident Evil

Ahad Raza Mir recently made his hollywood debut by working in an international series Resident Evil.However,Ahad Raza Mir is facing criticism for doing a provocative scene in the series.After his debut,Sajal Aly unfollowed him on instagram and vice versa.

Most of you are already familiar with Resident Evil series,Basically It is based on a Japanese video game created by Capcom.

Ahad Raza Mir is playing the role of an migrated person from India named Arjun Batra.His fans were much excited to see a Pakistani actor working in international popular series but they were let down by Ahad Raza Mir after his alluring scene in the series.The actor was even compared to his wife Sajal who refused to take part in international movie just because of risque scenes.

Right after Ahad went international,many celebrities from Pakistan have now appeared in foreign movies.Sajal Aly has recently signed a film directed by Jemima Goldsmith who is the ex wife of Imran Khan.

It was very heartbreaking for Ahad’s and Sajal Aly fans to see him doing kissing scenes just for the sake of money and recognition.Sajal’s fans were highly disappointed with him and they even removed his name from their fan pages.But there are some people who think positive about the scene and consider it only to a movie.

Beside that,Sajal and Ahad have reportedly parted their ways for lifetime.The reason is coming to limelight that Ahad was not allowing Sajal to work in drama serials.

What are your views on this particular scenario?Is Ahad right on this provocative scene or he should not have worked this way?Must tell us in the comment section below and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook for more daily updates from all over Pakistan.



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