Monday, December 11, 2023

Atif Aslam spending some quality time with his wife and son

Atif Aslam and wifey Sara Bahrwana are always ready to set couple goals.They always leave their fans amazed with their performance.

Who does not know Atif Aslam when it comes to singing and music.Atif aslam is not only loved by Pakistani people but Indian people always cherish Atif for his voice either they are common people or some famous celebrity star

Atif Aslam and wifey never steps back to confess their love for each other.They are always seen in jolly mood in their videos or pics.Every single time Atif is away from his wife,he always shares a couple of videos for her on social media platforms.

Recently on his instagram handle,he shared a video of him and Sara Bahrwana spending some time together and having some fun.

Atif Aslam captioned this video with beautiful words.He wrote that, this is what i do to make you laugh in public,Miss you loads.It seems like Atif Aslam is missing his wifey and cannot wait to meet her again.Lovely to see that the couple admires each other and respect individually.

He is definitely an idol husband for most of the girls around,either it is personality,talking style or actions art.

The ongoing drama of Atif Aslam Sang-e-Mah has just shocked everyone by his scintillating performance.It is the first time Atif is ever appearing in a drama but giving such results for the first time is not a cup of tea.

Atif is such a great humble man.



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