Monday, December 11, 2023

Beautiful Mothers of famous TikTok stars

Having a mother is an ultimate blessing from Allah and only few are blessed with this.The value of mother is always assesed when we need her.Mother has been given a very sacred role in a person’s life.That is the reason why heaven is placed under Mother’s feet.It is the place of paradise for all the children.

TikTok has became a trend now a days for creating entertaining and informative videos.Many new emerging celebrities and actresses are growing there and today we will look at some of the TikTok stars who recently shared their pictures with their mothers.

Jannat Mirza
Jannat Mirza has given a new face to TikTok.She is becoming famous day by day by creating entertaining videos on TikTok platform.Jannat mirza has millions of fan following on her social media handles and she never fails to amaze everyone by her videos.Jannat Mirza has created many TikTok videos with her mother as well.Lets take a look at her mother’s face.

Areeka Haq
It can be said that Areeqa Haq is one of the most veteran TikTokers out there who got famous for her beauty and talent.Did you know that Areeqa Haq has a mother who gives a tough competition to her in terms of beauty?Well,you can clearly see below.

Jannat Zubair
Jannat Zubair came into limelight after her hit drama series Baalveer.After completing her show,she started creating TikTok videos and got famous all over the world for her phenomenal expressions.She is also often seen sharing pictures with her mother so Lets have a look.

Shahtaj Khan
You may have seen the gorgeous Shahtaj Khan on social media platforms.She was also the part of Danish Taimoor’s game show and made a name there as well.Shahtaj Khan’s mother is a housewife by profession.

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