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Behroze Sabzwari talked about his relationship with ex daughter in law Syra Yousaf

Behroze Sabzwari is a very gentle and genuine person off and on camera.He shares a very incredible bond with her daughter in law Syra Yousaf and often talks about her in live interviews.Behroze Sabzwari always speaks positive about Syra Yousaf on live Television.

It should be noted that Behroze’s son Shahroz Sabzwari tied the knot with gorgeous Pakistani actress Syra Yousaf in the year 2012 but unfortunately they both separated their ways after almost 8 years of their marriage in 2020.Later that year,Shahroz Sabzwari got married to Sadaf Kanwal and they both were also blessed with a baby daughter recently.Syra Yousaf has a daughter named Nooreh from her ex husband Shahroz Sabzwari.Gorgeous Syra Yousaf once revealed that she believes in co parenting and her daughter sometimes visit her grandparents house too.

Syra Yousaf adapts a very lenient personality and she also sent her daughter Nooreh to her father when her step sister was born.Syra Yousaf even remained quiet after the marriage of Shahroz Sabzwari and Sadaf Kanwal.

Recently in a live interview,Behroze Sabzwari has spilled beans on her relationship with her daughter in law Syra Yousaf after her divorce with his son Shahroz.Behroze Sabzwari revealed that Syra is still like a daughter to him and he is still determined to support her in thick and thin.

As of 2022,Syra Yousaf is 34 years old but she still manages to look like she is living in her 20s.Syra Yousaf never compromises with her health and fitness.

Syra Yousaf has gained much momentum and recognition in the recent years and If we look at about her Instagram handle,then she has a total followers of 1.8 million on it.

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