Monday, December 11, 2023

Brave Hashim Raza Died Fighting With Cancer

Hashim Raza Raza was fighting against a deadly disease like cancer for the past several months, but the news of his death has spread rapidly on social media after hearing it, which caused a wave of grief among his friends and followers. Young Hashim Raza belonged to Lahore.

Hashim Raza’s last chat is also going viral on social media. Apparently, it seems that this chat (WhatsApp conversation) is after he came home from the hospital.

Brave Hashim was also active in many educational activities including social work. But the news broke everyone that a laughing young man has suddenly come to bed, actually Hashim has contracted a disease like cancer. As Hashim’s treatment is not possible in Pakistan, it was necessary to take Hashim to America.

Young Hashem’s friends testify that he was a loving personality and a warrior.The funeral prayer of Hashim Raza, who lost his battle with cancer, will be offered tomorrow after Zuhr prayer at 1:30 pm.



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