Monday, December 11, 2023

Bushra Ansari bashed by netizens for getting anti aging injections-See Video

Bushra Ansari is a multitalented woman who has contributed a lot towards Pakistani showbiz industry.Buhsra Ansari is an actress,singer,model and a writer.She has never failed to entertain people with her brilliant performance.

She has been in the showbiz industry from past 50 years.Bushra is one of the veteran Pakistani celebrity who started her career as a child performer in 1960s.She has won several awards in terms of her career.In the year 1989,Bushra Ansari earned the Presidential Pride of Performance Award.

Most lately,Bushra Ansari was spotted at Dr Shahista Lodhi’s clinic to get her anti aging treatment.It should be noted that Shahista Lodhi is an actress but a doctor by profession.
A video is going viral on internet in which Bushra Ansari is seen getting anti aging injections which makes your skin glow once again and strengthen your bones.

The video was shared by the Instagram page of the salon named as ‘slaestheticlinis’.Bushra Ansari is explaining the benefits of the injections as it shines your skin but It seems like the audience is not liking it at all.

Right after the video circulated on internet,some people started criticizing Bushra Ansari for playing with God’s giving thing by artificial resources.The netizens bashed Bushra Ansari for this attitude and you can clearly see their comments below.

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