Monday, December 11, 2023

Danish Taimoor Most Expensive And Super Model Banglow

Leading Pakistani actress Ayeza Khan has revealed that her ‘secret talent’ is that she dances very well.

Ayeza Khan, a leading actress in the Pakistani drama industry, was asked about her secret talent during an interview.

The host of the show praised Ayeza Khan and said, “You are such a talented actress and you know all this, but is there any talent in you that no one knows.

In response to this question, every beloved actress Ayeza Khan unveiled her secret talent and said that ‘her hidden talent is that she dances very well and no one knows it, she does not exercise but during exercise she dances.

Leading Pakistani actor and host Danish Taimoor has revealed that he liked his wife and actress Ayeza Khan on the social media site ‘orkut’. The duo of Danish Taimoor and Aiza Khan is one of the most beautiful and successful duo in Pakistan showbiz industry.

Ayeza Khan and Danish Taimoor are also appreciated by the fans on social media sites as an artist and duo.

An old talk show clip has gone viral on social media, with Danish Teymour telling his fans during an interview where he met and liked Ayeza Khan.

In the video, it can be seen that the host of this show is the well-known comedian (late) Omar Sharif who is asking Danish Taimoor and

Ayeza Khan how and where did the pair meet?
Where did Danish Taimoor like Aiza Khan? What is Ayeza Khan’s first priority? Answering this question,

Danish Taimoor revealed that it is a very old thing that Ayeza Khan and her acquaintance took place on a social media platform Arkat and from there the conversation started, at that time Aiza Khan was in the media. She didn’t come and was just a fan. ‘

Ayeza Khan’s impressive new look Danish Teymour added, “He was the one who started thinking that if he got married, he would only do it with Aiza Khan.”



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