Saturday, December 16, 2023

Danish Taimoor replies how he emerged feelings against Ayeza Khan

The leading actor of drama serial Kaise Teri Khudgarzi has just bought a villa for his family.Yes we are talking about Danish Taimoor.Danish Taimoor is a famous celebrity of Pakistan currently locked in Kaise Teri Khudgarzi which is a super hit drama with 5 plus Trp.His acting is super natural and he often fits in demon and negative roles that is why he is entertaining people as a real life demon in reel drama.

Ayeza Khan and Danish Taimoor is a famous young couple of Pakistan which are famous for their strong bonding and mutual understanding.Ayeza Khan is a super model and her scintillating performance in Meray Pass Tum Ho got her plenty of fans and followers.Ayeza Khan is always connected to her followers and she is the first Pakistani celebrity to complete 12 million followers on her instagram handle.This tell us how much people love her and are addicted to her.

Recently in an online interview,Ayeza Khan was asked what is her hidden talent?She is a well known actress in front of camera but what does she do off camera that people don’t know.Ayeza Khan replied that ‘I am very good at dancing,I don’t dance usually much but when I execute exercise,then I dance for sure.’

Ayeza Khan and Danish Taimoor make a perfect couple together.Danish Taimoor is 39 while Ayeza Khan is 31 so there is a good age difference between them but they both look like youngsters in this age also.They both are blessed with two children Hoorain Taimoor and Rayan Taimoor.

If we sprinkle light on the net worth of both of them collectively then it would be around 10-15 million dollars,this is a high number because both of them are highly paid celebrities and their drama’s trp always hit the sky.

Danish Taimoor once revealed in an interview that he emerged feelings for Ayeza Khan after he saw her work in Arkat.They both started conversation and it led them to marriage.



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