Sunday, December 10, 2023

Devastating story of death of Young son of Actor Rashid Mahmood


The death of a young child can be a trauma for the parents.Death is very uncertain and It can happen at any moment.The burden of one’s death can be on the parents till the end of their life.Rashid Mahmood has served the nation for a long time period now in the world of Showbiz.

Rashid Mahmood debuted his career as a broadcaster with Radio Pakistan.He has won many awards just because of his talent and skills.The whole world used to listen to him in the mid 90’s through radio.

Rashid Mahmood was a ideal for his only son Azhar.He was brilliant student from the day 1 and used to make his father proud in the school.He also said that when I used to go to my son’s school,everybody told me that your son will top the leaderboard and It always came out true.He was a very capable child and got a masters degree and he used to work in Qatar airways at a good position.

His son Azhar got many different offers from showbiz industry but he never accepted modelling and acting. Rashid mehmood once expressed in an interview that he asked his son to go into the industry to work and make a name for himself but his son refused it because he did not want to own his father name for his own benefits.

Unfortunately his son died of a heart attack at the age of 26.Two days before his death they both took pictures with each other but as we said earlier that death is very uncertain.In the evening,Azhar told his baba to quit his job in the Industry and his father replied that I used to do it for you and I still think for you.Azhar also said that now I will take care of everything but after few minutes he collapsed into his father’s lap and was rushed to hospital where he was declared dead.





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