Monday, December 11, 2023

Did Malik Riaz daughter Aasia Amer publicly humiliated his son and daughter in law?

Alyzeh Gabol is a model turned actress.She always knew from the start that she is going to be a model and actress in terms of her career.Her cake day is 6th of september and she was born in the year 1996.Alyzeh is 21 as of 2022.

It seems like Alyzeh is a bit private about her life tho she is a celebrity.She has not revealed anything about her family and siblings till now in any interview or social media handles.

Reportedly,Alyzeh has married twice in her life and her first marriage did not go long thats why she had to take divorce from her first husband Osama.After the separation from her first husband,Alyzeh tied the knot with Zoraiz Malik in early feb 2021.Zoraiz Malik is a business tycoon and CEO of citihousing Pakistan which is a real estate agency running in Pakistan.According to sources,their marriage took place in Dubai.

The couple just shared the news about Alyzeh’s pregnancy.Zoraiz announced that his wife Alyzeh and I are expecting our first child soon.

There were rumours spreading about the separation of Alizeh and Zoraiz as Zoraiz’s mother passed a statement about Alyzeh and she had to face lot of criticism just because of that statement.You can see the screenshots her mother in law shared.

Zoraiz came in defence of his fiancé and said that my mother has made things very difficult for us and my wife is suffering from agony.Alyzeh also deactivated her instagram account for a while.



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