Monday, December 11, 2023

Dimple Queen Hania Aamir latest snaps went viral

Hania Aamir’s latest snaps are going viral on internet in which It looks like she has had a fight with someone but It is just for a shoot of his upcoming drama serials bur people did not know it earlier.

The dimple queen Hania Aamir has recently posted her pics on Instagram in which there are face marks on her.People are assuming that those are fight marks but they did not know that It is artificial makeup done by artists for her drama serial Mere Humsafar.

Mere Humsafar is currently the trending drama serial not only in Pakistan but It is trending on youtube in Bangladesh,India as well.People are loving this drama a lot just because of the phenomenal performance of one and only Hania Aamir.

Hania has a stronghold over the showbiz industry of Pakistan and she is always praised for her beauty and for her performance as well.Hania Aamir was recently seen at Asim Azhar’s concert and It became the main concern on internet because they both had a cad fight between each other after they announced their separation.

After that Asim Azhar got engaged with Meerub Ali who is also as beautiful as Hania and there were comparison videos made on them.Those posts has been liked by hundreds of internet users and many are also expressing their views and likes through comments on it.

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