Monday, December 11, 2023

Eshal Fayyaz Open Up Lips Relationship With Father

Actress Eshal Fayyaz has said that her stepfather tried to sexually abuse her many times during her childhood. The actress of the film “Kaaf Kangana” Eshal Fayyaz recently told about a sad incident that happened in her childhood during a show, saying that when she was three or four years old, her father died.

After that, his mother got married again. Eshal Fayyaz said that when she was a little older, her stepfather tried to sexually abuse her and not once but three times, her father tried to do this heinous thing to her and on the fourth time she Eshel decided to tell her mother about it. Later, he first told his sister about the incident and then both of them told their mother. Actress Eishal Fayyaz revealed this unpleasant incident that happened to her in her childhood and said that even today when she remembers this incident, she feels very sad.

Eshel said that this incident also became the reason for the divorce between my mother and stepfather. After this incident my mother never married again. It should be noted that actress Eshal Fayyaz has worked in Khalilur Rehman Qamar’s film “Kaaf Kangna”. Apart from this, she is working in Khalilur Rahman Qamar’s another film “Main Hoon Teri Gulnaaz”.



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