Monday, December 11, 2023

Famous celebrities who look completely different without makeup

In today’s modern scenario,everybody can become famous.It just takes one funny or serious picture to go viral on internet and you get fame and following.But It’s not the right way to get it tho,you have to work hard and make a name for yourself.Here we will present the list of people who got popular by their hard work and we will compare their before and after pictures.

We can take the example of Dananeer,there was nothing special about her before but her one funky dialogue went viral on the internet and now she is getting offers from different drama serials.But we have to admit that there is something special in them which most of the people do not have.

One important thing to note,when these girls were not popular there was nothing special about them.They looked so ordinary like us and when they got fame,their looks,accent, appearance completely transformed.

Kanwal Aftab

Renowned TikToker Kanwal Aftab is going to become a mother soon.They announced it through their social media handle.After she got famous on TikTok for creating videos,her looks completely changed.Her appearance surprised everyone after they saw her old pictures.

Nimra Asad

Nimra and Asad were married at the young age of 18 and that is the reason they both got fame overnight.After that they did very much hard work to increase their fame.You can see how Nimra looked before getting famous and how she is looking now.Faces have changed.



Pawri girl Dananeer was criticized by people for no makeup look on her face.After that she also posted a story captioning it as ‘People think the filters we use is the way we look in real life’.She admires that they are completely different of how they look in real life.

Jannat Mirza

One of the most recognised TikToker from Pakistan is completely different without artificial beauty.Take a closer look at her picture.




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