Monday, December 11, 2023

Famous host Wasim Badami performing Umrah with his son

Wasim Badami is a very well known personality of Pakistan.He is a popular Pakistani host and anchor.Wasim Badami is acting in this field for a very long time now.He started his career by giving traffic updates on a radio even when he was studying.

Wasim’s sheer hard work and his way of speaking with others got him a job in ARY News in the year 2006 and there he started his career as a journalist and an anchor person.

Recently,Wasim Badami dropped some soulful pictures with his son named Adil.The journey of Umrah is definitely the best time of a Muslim’s life.Wasim Badami is now the lucky person who got to visit Mecca and perform Umrah.He’s giving an insight into his journey through these remarkable pictures.

It should be noted that Wasim Badami is mostly recognized for his Ramadan transmissions with his best friend Iqrar ul Hassan.He has also launched his own brand and is striving to move ahead in life. Well, this genuine soul is blessing our feeds with the most beautiful and precious views of Kabah.

Recently,a person accused Wasim Badami and Iqrar ul Hassan for not giving him 10 lacs as a prize money which he won in their show.He has even said that these two people have ignored every request to give him his money.Well the netizens are saying that this must be a misunderstanding as both of them cannot do such pathetic thing.Iqrar and Wasim both are in the same field for a long time now.However,both of them have not shared any opinion on this matter.

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