Monday, December 11, 2023

Famous model Beenish Raja got divorced after 4 months of marriage

The emerging actress of Pakistani drama industry Beenish Raja tied the knot in august 2021 and her recent stories and acts suggests that the couple has parted their ways from each other.

The famous actress Beenish Raja has deleted all the posts and pictures that were with his husband from Instagram and posted a story in which the title was basically of a divorce.

By posting a picture of the word divorce she captioned the post as ‘Surely woman has been created from a curved rib and that is the secret of her beauty and love against her.And there is no defect in her because the eyebrows look beautiful due to that being curved.So if she errs,do not rebuke her in a manner in which there is no gentleness,attaimpting to straighten her,otherwise you will break her and the breaking is the main cause of divorce.At the same time,do not let her off of her mistake,otherwise her ego and attitude will increase for further mistakes.Thereafter she will never soften for you and listen to you,So stay in between the two.’
This was the large post shared by Beenish Raja on her instagram and It proves that the couple has parted their ways after four months of marriage.

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