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Famous showbiz actresses who had to face divorce

Divorce rate through legal way is constantly increasing in eastern countries.There were 500 divorce cases filed in the past 10 days only in Lahore.Just imagine how much cases daily are filed in terms of the whole country.

Legal separation is something that gives the harsh experience to both the partners.The agony and mental torture they have to go through is just on a next level.But the circumstances become like that,they both have to part ways and start their new life.

Today we will talk about the popular figures who got divorced recently.

Syra Yousaf
Famous Pakistani actress Syra Yousaf has dealt with her divorce in an elegant way.She has never said harsh or disrespectful words against her ex husband or her ex husband’s wife.
Syra Yousaf was married to Shahroz Sabzwari but they both got divorced,the reason is still unknown.Later that year,his ex husband Shahroz Sabzwari married actress Sadaf Kanwal and they both are now blessed with a baby girl.For those who don’t know,Syra Yousaf has a daughter Nooreh from her ex husband.

Zara Noor Abbas
A actress who has earned the name in industry by sheer hard work and difficulties Zara Noor Abbas,has recently opened up about her divorce with ex husband Asad Siddiqui.
Speaking up with the crowd at GCU lahore,she unbuttoned about the obstacles she had to face to enter into the showbiz industry.28 year old Zara Noor Abbas said that ‘I was very desperate to come into the showbiz industry professionaly,I always took part in dance competitions and small plays but that was not enough.I asked my parents to come into the showbiz industry but they brutally refused by saying that ‘Jaan choro Hamari,Shadi karlo aur jo karna hay karo’.She was very worried after hearing the harsh words from her family and got married to Asad Siddiqui’.Further adding Zara said that my husband had no issues with me pursuing career into the Showbiz Industry but soon I realized that I did wrong to marry him just for the sake of acting.The things were not working out and I had to take divorce.

Fiza Ali
Prominent actress Fiza Ali who got married to a business tycoon Fawad Farooq in 2007 has taken divorce in 2017 after 1 decade of her marriage.Recently she came in a show with the host Juggun and opened up about her divorce.

She expressed the reason by saying that she married to her husband Fawad and they used to live in Karachi before but they had to shift Lahore for his husband’s work.Addtionally she said that her husband was a very social person and he wanted his wife to become more social with people,he basically wanted her to become extrovert person but at a next level.She also added that her ex husband was crystal from heart and never tortured of abused her but It was the decision of her siblings to take divorce legally after 10 years of marriage.

Affan Waheed
Affan Waheed,who was praised for his performance in the serial Do Bol opposite to Hira Mani has opened up about struggling with depression after divorce.He confessed about how his divorce effected his personal and professional life.
After being married for a year,he got divorced and said that ‘I used to go out for drives and cry out loud,Lock my door and scream.I thought my Life would end now.’ he further added that ‘I suffered hair loss because of taking so much tension about my life and did not work for almost a year’.
In terms of overcoming this issue,he confessed that his friends and family helped him to overcome depression and anxiety.He used to spend time with his family and open up about everything he is suffering from.

Sanam Baloch
Television presenter Sanam Baloch was married to his co actor Abdullah Farahtullah.They both were very good friends during their career life and tied the knot in the year 2013 but unfortunately their company did not match and they bot parted their ways in 2018 after five years of marriage.
She clarified in a live show that they are no more in terms with each other and I wish for his happiness and success.Sanam Baloch did not clarify the reason about her divorce.

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