Monday, December 11, 2023

Famous Showbiz Stars who belong to shia community

Feroze Khan
Leading actor with a stronghold over the showbiz industry of Pakistan Feroze Khan celebrated his 31st birthday recently.Feroze Khan is usually given devil roles because the looks he adapt after playing an angry role is unmatchable.That is the reason Feroze Khan choose only selective drama serials.

Komal Rizvi
40 year old Komal Rizvi is a famous Pakistani actress and host who is famous for her melodious voice and songs in coke studio.

Sadia Imam
Sadia Imam,a famous Pakistani television actress recently confessed about the rumours related to her for leaving showbiz industry.She states that ‘My husband is very open minded and he has not stopped me from anything that I Want or want to do.I have not quit entertaining people in Showbiz Industry’.

Natasha Ali
Natasha Ali is a famous Pakistani host and actress known for her roles in Talaafi,Khaas and Maalale Yaar.Natasha Ali was a famous actress of Pakistan in the past and she recently appeared in Good Morning Show hosted by Nida Ali and answered some various questions about her residence.She stated that She lives in Islamabad with her husband and in laws are residents of Karachi.

Humaima Malik
Humaina Malik was into her studies before but later on stepped into the showbiz industry.She later on got much appreciation for her excellent performance.



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