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Five Pakistani personalities who are married in their family

Marriage between cousins is a very common way for tying knot in Pakistani culture.This tradition is being followed by many decades because the elders used this way so that there is confirmation about the happiness of child and the main reason was they knew the family’s way of living for a very long time.
Perhaps most Pakistani families prefer it this way, seeing as how the couple may know each other since childhood. They feel there’s less risk of family conflict and divorces this way.

Today,we will be taking look at 5 Pakistani celebrities who are married to their cousins.

Shahista Lodhi
Anchor person and televsion presenter Shahida Lodhi tied the knot with hie cousin Adnan Lodhi in the year 2015.Her marriage with her cousin Adnan was second one.
Her first marriage took place in the year 1998 but It lasted for over a decade and they both parted their ways in 2011.She is now living a happy and healthy life with her second husband.

Saeed Anwar and Lubna Anwar
Renowned cricket legend Saeed Anwar got hitched to his cousin Lubna Anwar in the year 1996 and they both are living a happy life together with two children.

Saeed Anwar is a Pakistani former cricketer and captain for Tests and ODIs.He was considered as one of the finest players between the year 1998 and 2003.His wife Lubna Anwar is a professional doctor by profession.

Shahid Afridi and Nadia Afridi
Living legend who has served Pakistan for a very long time is married to his cousin.Shahid Afridi and Nadia Afridi chose to combine the rest of their life on the date 20 october in year 1999.It is said that Shahid Afridi belongs to a very conservative family and marriage outside their family is considered as disgrace for them.Tho he is married to his maternal cousin Nadia Afridi.

Alyy Khan
Alyy Khan basically belongs to a british background,His works are very famous in Hollywood and Bollywood tho he is thinking to entertain people in the Pakistani showbiz industry as well.He is currently seen in the drama serial Mere Humsafar.
Alyy Khan is happily married to his cousin Chandni Saigol and they tied in knot in the year 2005.Pakistani celebrity couple have two children one son and a daughter.

Sanam Marvi and Hamid Ali
Sanam Marvi is known for her sufi and soulful tone in terms of singing.She started singing when she was only 7.Sanam’s first marriage was a forced one and she faced very hardships in her first marriage,she was forcefully married at a very young age.
Her first husband Aftab Ahmed Kalhoro was unfortunately shot down in 2009 and she tied the knot with her cousin Hamid.This couple has three children and they are living a happy life together.



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