Monday, December 11, 2023

Folk singer Arif Lohar talked about the bond with his wife

Arif Lohar recently revealed a video message with his sons in which he talked about his wife who passed away and he thanked all the people for their affection and love towards him.At the beginning of the video,Arif Lohar said that As you know that my wife passed away due to a heart attack and said that she is no more in this world.

Arif Lohar further said that ‘My life always used to say that you can live without me and you have to be the strength of my kids and take care of them’.Arif also said that I received love from the music industry and they all were with me during my hard times.Well known folk singer Arif Lohar said that my family has done a lot for the country, and We have always been welcomed.The singer requested all of the people to recite Durood Pak for his wife.He said in the video that he will soon appear on screen once again. It should be noted that Pakistan Famous folk singer Arif Lohar’s wife had a fever after which she was admitted to a private hospital.

But as her condition worsened,she was shifted to another hospital but did not recover from that also.Arif Lohar’s wife funeral was attended by close friends and family.

Arif Lohar is a Pakistani folk singer who got critical success and fame after his song ‘Jugni’ which was released in year 2006.Arif Lohar is currently 56 years old but he has the same energy as he used to have before.Arif Lohar has also performed internationally.Many people gather around to listen to the music of Arif Lohar.He has surely given a new taste to Punjabi folk music and It should be noted that his son is often seen with him during his concerts too.They both make a very good bond.



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