Monday, December 11, 2023

Hadiqa Kiani Voguish Clicks With Adopted Son

Pakistan’s pop singer Hadiqa Kiani shared some beautiful pictures on her son’s 17th birthday and also gave a beautiful message.

17 years ago today, Hadiqa Kiani set an example of humanity by adopting a child orphaned by an earthquake. Yesterday the little child turned 17 years old.

On this occasion, Hadiqa Kayani has shared some beautiful pictures of her son Nad Ali’s childhood and present and said that 15 years ago Allah blessed me with a son. Today, that little boy has grown into a tender-hearted, human-loving human being with great respect for our planet.

Hadiqa Kiani while congratulating her son on his birthday said that Naad Ali will always make his mother proud.

It should be noted that due to the terrible earthquake in Balakot 17 years ago, where there were hundreds of families, many children were separated from their parents forever. Nad-e-Ali was also one of those children who was born just four days before the earthquake and lost his parents just four days after coming into the world.

Meanwhile, Hadiqa Kiani went to Edhi Children’s Home to give Eid to the children, where she heard the child’s story and was overcome with emotion and finally decided to adopt him.

Along with the adoption of the child, Hadiqa Kiani also requested the influential people to adopt the children orphaned in the earthquake.



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