Hania Aamir criticized for wearing a bold dress at her movie promotion

Dimple girl Hania Amir is always present in Limelight because of her beauty and performance.Recently she was trending because of her breakup with Asim Azhar and then her viral video which circulated on Internet with one of her friends Wajahat Rauf.Hania Aamir has been into the hot tub for many times but she does not take a glimpse on hate comments ever.

Hania Aamir is not only praised by Pakistani people but her fans are from all over the world.Her most recent drama serial Meray Humsafar was trending in almost 4 countries and It broke several records.Hania played as Hala opposite to Farhan Saeed who played as Hamza.
She is always engulfed in a project all the time.

Hania Amir looks beautiful in all type of dressing she Adapts but when she wear western,people criticize her a lot for her bold and alluring dressing.Replying to all of the keyboard warriors,Hania Amir posted a gentle reply on her instagram post.
The actress said that ‘These people are very much innocent but you should be more focused on your life rather than other’s and try not to be jealous of anyone’s success.’She further gave a message to people that Do not change yourself for people who try to degrade you in any way.Be what you are and society will always think wrong about you either you do good or bad’.Hania Aamir is undoubtedly the dimple queen of Pakistan.

I want you to find people in the world who understand and value you,Hania added. praying for those who have been criticized on social media.Keep in mind that many people, including the actress, are criticized on social media which makes them very frustrated and Hania Aamir has given this message to encourage such people.

Hania Amir made her debut by performing in a film Jannan and after that she appeared in many projects.In the start,Hania often got to play supporting roles but now she is one of the finest actress of Pakistan.She is still unmarried and there is no news or confirmation about her relationship with anyone,It was with Asim Azhar before who is a popular singer from Pakistan but they both separated their ways in a good way.

Recently,Hania Aamir was seen promoting her movie Pardey Mein Rehne Do and she wore a backless dress at the event for which people criticized her a lot.Lets have a look at the pictures.

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