Monday, December 11, 2023

Hania Aamir finally spoke up about her swollen lips

Hania Aamir is now the most growing actress of Pakistan because of her brilliant performance in all of her pribectsy.Her hard work is finally paying off and she is considered as one of the most successful and beautiful actress of Pakistan.Hania Aamir is often called by the title of Dimple Queen and she lives in the heart of people.

She was in the trending section after breakup with Asim Azhar who is a known singer.Her recent drama serial Meray Humsafar raised several questions about her relationship with Farhan Saeed.They both played a very fantastic role in the drama serial as a couple and It was so real that people started assuming it in the real life also but there is no confirmation about it right now.Farhan saeed has also unfollowed Hania Aamir from his Instagram handle.

As she stays all the time active on social media and specifically on Instagram, so the fans noticed her lips like filled up but there was no reaction of Hania Aamir on this statement.

After facing various types of comments on this,Hania Aamir realized that something is wrong with the video she posted on her instagram.She read all the comments and It came to conclusion that It was the filter she used which made her lips look swollen in the video and Hania added that she was completely unaware about the filter settings.

All the fans gathered in the comments section of the pictures she posted and started bashing her. None of them even bothered to wait to know what is the actual story behind this look.

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